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Passathaus, Hamburg ● Aluminium Mullion Transom Façades + Stone and Glass Curtain Wall Façades (Lithodecor)

Storey-High Façades with CTB External Blind Systems

Administrative Building MunichRe, Munich ● Aluminium Mullion Transom Façades (primary level) + Bronze Element Façade (secondary level)

Bronze Element in front of Mullion Transom Façade ● Mounting of Façade Elements with Suction Battery

Sparkasse Vorderpfalz, Ludwishafen ● Refurbishment of Interior and Exterior Façades

Curtain Wall Façade (Steel and Glass Construction), Sheet Metal Façade ● Detail Section of Double Façade

Office and Commercial Building UpperEastside, Berlin ● Aluminium and Glass Barrel-Shaped Exterior Roof, Inner courtyards Window Façades

Curved Security Glazing with Sun Protection Coating ● Spherical Corner Area

Hotusa Hotel, Munich ● Aluminium and Glass Windows and Façades, Basalt Stone Cladding

Horizontal Window Section● Partial Façade View

Schloss-Straßen-Center, Berlin ● Steel and Glass Rotundas

Interior View of Small and Large Rotundas

Office Building Leipziger Platz, Berlin ● Aluminium Windows with External Blinds, Basalt Stone Cladding

Casement Windows between Stone Belts

Jakob-Kaiser-Haus, Berlin ● Façade Refurbishment, Reglazing, Complimentation of Inner Glare Protection and Outer Blind System

Inner Courtyard Façade View ● Vertical Section ● Cold Hall Exterior View